1 Line-Ups

1.1 Line-Up Submission

Every team submits their weeky line-up by filling out the appropriate form before 11:59am Pacific Time Sunday. Each team will submit the players for each set and the correct Starcraft 2 ladder league for each week as defined by By-Law 1.2. This line-up must come in the following format:
Week #
Team Name
Set 1: Player1.### (Race)
Set 2: Player2.### (Race)
Set 3: Player3.### (Race)
Set 4: Player4.### (Race)
Set 5: Player5.### (Race)
Set 6: Player6.### (Race)
Ace Set: Player7.### (Race)

1.2 Set and League Distribution
The CTL comprises ladder divisions from Gold to Master league. The current set and league distribution for weekly matches is as follows and is subject to change at admin discretion. This change can come between seasons or during a season if necessary.

Set 1 - Gold
Set 2 - Platinum
Set 3 - Platinum
Set 4 - Diamond 2/3
Set 5 - Diamond
Set 6 - Diamond
Ace Set - Masters 2/3 (Not rotating)

1.2.1 Current Masters players may play this set provided they have not reached Grand Master in any of the previous three ladder seasons or the current ladder season.

1.2.2 Sets 1 through 6 will be best-of-ones.

1.2.3 The final set of a series will be the ace set. This will be a Best of 3 series. The starting map will always be given weekly by the CTL admins. Subsequent maps will be chosen through a veto and loser pick.

(1) The winner of the previous game in a set will veto one map.
(2) The loser of the previous game will then choose a map remaining the CTL Map pool.
(2a) The CTL Map Pool will generally use the current Blizzard ladder maps but is subject to change by admins at any time during the season.
(2b) The current map pool is as follows:
Abiogenesis LE (2)
Acid Plant LE (2)
Backwater LE (2)
Blackpink LE (2)
Catalyst LE (2)
Eastwatch LE (2)
Neon Violet Square LE (2)
(3) Maps are not repeatable in the ace series and any vetoed map cannot be chosen for the duration of the series.

1.2.4 Deviation from the Default Distribution
Teams will not be permitted to replace sets with a league other than the default. If a team does not have a player at the league needed for any set, they may use a player in a lower league or forfeit the set for that week.

1.3 Late Line-Up Submission

If a team fails to submit their weekly line-up by 11:59am Pacific Time Sunday, that team will be forced to use their line-up from the previous week. The offending team will also only be able to make two substitutions for the week. If sets were played by leagues other than the default in the prior week’s line-up, the offending team will either use one of their two available substitutions for the week or forfeit the set.
1.4 If a team doesn't have the 8 minimum players defined by By-Law 1.2 to play all the sets of a match throughout the week they will receive a walkover loss for each set that cannot be played because of the absence of a player.

2 Match-Up Contact

2.1 Players must contact their opponent via the Enjin messaging system to arrange a time-to-play. If contact is made through a third-party system, screenshot proof should be taken showing an agreed upon time to play. If no proof is given but a walkover is requested from either team, the match will be a double-forfeit.
2.2 Players must attempt to contact their opponent prior to Wednesday 23:59 pm Pacific for each week. If neither player attempts contact, the match will be a double-forfeit.
2.3 If one player attempts to initiate contact but receives no response prior to 23:59 PM Pacific on Thursday, the match will be a forfeit in favor of the player who attempted contact.
2.4 If players make contact, but one player puts forward considerably less effort towards setting up a time than the other, the admins may deem a walkover against him.
2.5 If both players are unable to reach an agreeable time to play, they must contact their captains to find substitutions prior to Friday. Their captains may either agree to play substitutes or take the matter to the Admins, who will determine how to score the match fairly under the circumstances.*

*Admin decisions will be recorded and archived to guide future disputes. Admins will generally endeavor to decide disputes consistently so that players and captains can fairly predict the outcome in advance (and thus avoid mass repetition of essentially identical disputes).

3 Match Reports

3.1 Match Report Submission
At the conclusion of each CTL week, teams must submit their results for the week by filling out the appropriate form before 11:59am Pacific Time Monday. The match report must come in this format:
Week X
[team1] [score] [team 2]
Set 1: [player] [score] [player] ([map])
Set 2: [player] [score] [player] ([map])
Set 3: [player] [score] [player] ([map])
Set 4: [player] [score] [player] ([map])
Set 5: [player] [score] [player] ([map])
Set 6: [player] [score] [player] ([map])
Set 7: [player] [score] [player] ([maps])

3.1.1 If a team fails to submit a match report by 11:59am Pacific Time Monday, that team will not receive any credit for walkover wins that they may have received that week regardless of concession by the opposing team. These sets will be scored as a double walkover. Sets that would have otherwise been scored as a double walkover will not change.

3.2 Walkovers

3.2.1 No walkovers will be granted without either proof in the form of message and in game screenshots or concession of the set by the other team captain. Every set or match can be forfeited by a team without any justification needed. However, the power to forfeit a set or a match resides entirely on the team's captain.
3.2.2 If a set isn't played for whatever reason except the one listed in 3.2.3, the set result is registered as 0-0, and both teams get a set loss. Each weekly match-up must have at least 1/2 (rounded up) of the sets played in order to be valid. If a match has less than 1/2 (rounded up) of sets played, both teams get a match loss, pending admin approval. Any sets played will be taken into account for overall standing map score.
3.2.3 If one player (Player A) is not in the SC2 client or responding to personal messages in the SC2 client at the agreed upon match time that player will be considered unavailable and will be given a 30 minute grace period. If at the end of said grace period Player A is still unavailable to play their match a walkover may be claimed by the opposing player (Player B). Player B may choose, but is not obligated, to play the match at a later time. If the match is played the result of the match will be used and no walkover will be issued. If Player B becomes unavailable during Player A's grace period then a second 30 minute grace period will be given to Player B starting at the time Player A become available. No walkovers will be granted until both team captains are notified of the situation. Screenshots should be taken showing the player being offline at the match time and at the end of the wait period to be provided with the weekly match report.
3.2.4 If a player disconnects during a CTL match the players must attempt to use the “Recover from Replay” option to resume the game. If the disconnect occurs in the first two minutes of the game then the match may be restarted if both players agree. If the disconnected player is offline for a period of more than 10 minutes that player will forfeit the set.

3.3 Replay Submission
In addition the text based report, teams must submit all replays for played games. These must be uploaded to the Google Drive folder for the corresponding week and match-up By the winning team. The match replays must come with both players identified in the name file. (e.g. Set3_Player1_Player2_MapName.SC2REPLAY)

3.3.1 Failure to Submit Replays
If a team fails to submit their replays for the week, they will not receive map score credit in the overall standings for any won set missing a replay. Teams will have a full week to supply any missing replays to recoup their lost match score.

3.3.2 Admin Responsiblity
The admins will be responsible for notating any missing replays and map points lost within a week of the map loss. Admins may not penalize teams for missing replays which were not noted in this window of time. (i.e. Admins may not penalize a team in after the start of Week 8 for replays missing from Week 6.)

4 Substitutions
Each team will be given 10 "Free Subs" where they may subsitute players without penalty, after 10 free subs 1/2 of a map score is penalized for each substitution made (This does not affect the outcome of the match). If you must substitute a player in for a match there are two types of substitutions: normal substitutions and emergency substitutions. Both Captains and the admins must be notified of the substitution before any substitutions are acceptable.

4.1 A normal substitution must occur prior to the end of Wednesday Pacific time and more than 24 hours before an already scheduled match. Normal substitutions may be of any race regardless of the initial player's race
4.2 An emergency substitution can be done at any time after Wednesday. This substitute must be of the same race as the initial player.
4.2.1 An emergency substitution occurring within 24 hours of a scheduled match time must be approved by the opponent. The players may also attempt to find a new time if the player not subbed is able, but the originally scheduled match time will stand if they are not able to find a new time to play.
4.3 A player is not a valid substitution if any or all of the following conditions are met:
- The player was not present on the team's roster before that week's lineups were submitted
- The player was already placed into the lineup for that week
4.4 Any violation of any substitution rules will result in a forfeiture of the set.

5 Miscellaneous

5.1 Observing and Streaming Live CTL Matches

Observers or streamers are allowed in a game unless anyone involved in the game has an objection to it. Any player is free to stream their own CTL matches. Any allegations of ‘stream cheating’ will be disregarded as the streamer has taken on this risk himself.

5.2 Server Selection

In certain situations, a specific server must be chosen. These situations are:
NA vs EU - NA East
NA vs AU/SEA - NA West
AU/SEA vs EU - NA West
In these situations, both players are responsible for ensuring the correct server is chosen. If the wrong server is chosen, either player has until 1:00 into the game to request a remake on the correct server. Leaving at any time after that will be viewed as a concession of the current game.

5.3 Voice Chat

Players are not to be in any voice call during a CTL match. Captains are expected to police their own teams in ensuring fair play across the entire league. Breaking this rule will forfeit the match played and may result in suspension or other actions against the player, captain, and/or team.

6 Harassment
For purposes of the Chobo Team League there will be three types of harassment considered. These three are; CTL Event Harassment, General Harassment, and Probation Harassment.

CTL Event Harassment - This will include any harassment that occurs during a sanctioned CTL event.

General Harassment - This will include any harassment that occurs outside of a sanctioned CTL event. This includes but is not limited to ladder games, game lobbies, and harassment outside of the SC2 client. This will also include public accusations of cheating in any form coming without substantial proof.

Probation Harassment - This includes ANY harassment by a player in probationary status. Once a player is placed on probation, probation cannot be removed.

6.1 Any violation of any harassment rule will count as an offense against that player. Depending on which offense it is the punishment shall increase in severity. Offenses do not have a harassment type associated with them. This means a player that has incurred one general offense, and is found to have harassed during a CTL Event, the punishment shall be the CTL Event 2nd offense

6.2.1 1st Offense - Player shall be banned for 1 quarter of the season. This ban can span multiple seasons. (carry over from one season to the next)
6.2.2 2nd Offense - Player shall be banned for one half of the season. This ban can span multiple seasons. Player also forfeits the game in which the harassment occurred. Player is placed on probation.

6.3.1 1st offense - Player shall be warned, and a harassment offense is noted.
6.3.2 2nd offense - Player is banned for 1 quarter of the season. This ban can span multiple seasons.
6.3.3 3rd offense - Player is banned for 1 half of the season. This ban can span multiple seasons. Player is placed on probation.

If a player harassment occurs from a player in probationary status, the player shall be banned from the Chobo Team League.

6.5.1 One quarter of a season will be calculated by the following method.
(Total number of regular season weeks + Total number of Playoff weeks) / 4. This number will then be rounded up if it is not an integer.
6.5.2 One half of a season will be the number for One Quarter of a season doubled.

6.6 Vulgarity Assessment
In the event harassment occurs and is of a vulgar nature in regards to someone's real or perceived race, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or disability, the offense will immediately move up the scale of offenses. Admins will use their own discretion to determine if it will move a single or multiple offenses up in the scale depending on the severity of the offense.

i.e. If a player with no prior harassment offenses BM's another player outside of a CTL match and disparages their ethnicity in the BM, the player will be punished according to the 2nd offense definition rather than 1st if the admins deem it to be of a vulgar nature.

7 Cheating

Any form of cheating is strictly forbidden. Cheating can come in various forms: Smurfing, hacking, account sharing, or other means of gaining an improper advantage in the CTL. Players suspected of cheating will be investigated by the admins through any means available. Players under suspicion of cheating will have their captains informed. If the admins deem that a player has cheated or is cheating that player will face punishments deemed fitting. Punishments can range from permanent removal from the CTL, varying lengths of suspensions, and/or match forfeiture.

7.1 Smurfing will be defined as a player purposefully playing matches at a league lower than they are currently ranked. The player can accomplish this by playing games on an account not their own, having a second account which is ranked higher than their main account, or purposefully or intentionally losing games on ladder to remain in a specific league or degrade their MMR to a point where they are no longer playing at their true skill level.

7.2 Hacking will be defined as a player using third-party programs Blizzard deems hacking programs. This can be in the form of map hacks, production tab hacks, drop hacks, etc. A player found to be hacking, whether in the CTL, ladder, or any Starcraft match, will be permanently banned from the CTL.

7.3 Account Sharing will be defined as a player allowing their account to be used by a second player. This can be through paid or unpaid boosting services, allowing a higher level player to compete in the CTL on their account, and/or allowing a second person to ladder on their account to keep their MMR artificially low.

8 Tiebreakers

8.1 Weekly Matches
During a weekly matchup if for some reason a tie occurs the following will be used as tiebreakers:
1. Winner of the 'Ace' Best of 3 match-up.
2. Team that won the most Diamond matches
3. Team that won the most Platinum Matches
4. Team that won the most Gold Matches
5. Team with the fewest forfeits
6. Team that won the match played the earliest, based on replay creation date

8.2 Overall Standings
If two or more teams are tied at the end of the season for playoff spots, the following will be used as tiebreakers:
1. Team with the highest +/- map score
2. Head-to-head result
3. Best winning percentage vs division teams
4. Most ace sets won
5. Coin-flip