The week 3, set 5 match was not played. Both players claimed to be on during the 30 minute window before a walkover is granted and that the other player was offline during that time.

Here is the screenshot provided of the match being scheduled.


Long story short. 1 player is in the Pacific time zone in North America. North America is currently in PDT, not PST. This player assumed/thought PDT when PST was said.
The other player used an online timezone converter to convert from PST to their timezone.

This resulted in the players thinking the match time was 1 hour different than the other player.

Tylenn was on at what he thought was the match time and messaged Pesinario (this is the "Sat at 22:19" in the screenshot).
Pesinario was on at what he thought was the match time and messaaged Tylenn (this is the "Sat at 23:21" in the screenshot).

- Both players have a legitimate claim that they were on at the correct time.
- Neither player has a screenshot showing themselves online and their opponent offline during the scheduled match time.

This is ruled a double walkover, 0-0.

And now 2 things we can learn from this and improve on for the future:

(1) Use
This is one of the most common mistakes we deal with every season in the CTL, so it's time for the seasonal reminder:


We have players from all over the world. Enter both players timezones into and send the link to the match time to eachother. This way both players can see the time in their own timezone and there is no ambiguity of when the match is scheduled.

(2) Take screenshots.

If you are going to be claiming a walkover, you need 3 screenshots.
1 - Screenshot showing the match being scheduled.
2 - Screenshot showing you online and your opponent offline at the scheduled match time.
3 - Screenshot showing you online and your opponent offline 30 minutes after the scheduled match time.

That's it, it's dead easy to get a walkover if you have those 3 screenshots.

Make sure your screenshots are clear. Make sure they clearly show the date/time and the opponent offline. (I prefer to google "current time" in a browser and have that browser showing along with the in-game client where I've whispered the opponent to show them offline.)