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Unofficial Championship Belt Tracking

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Hey everyone, some of you may have heard of a thing from league that tracks the unofficial world champion, based on old sports leagues where the championship title passes on to whoever beats them next. For fun, I decided to start tracking it... just before playoffs. My bad.

Season 20 Start
Reigning Champions: SC2 Swarm (11 Week Reign)
Week 2 Unofficial Champion: Validity Gaming dethrones the king 5-2
Week 3 Unofficial Champion: All-Inspiration wins it with another 5-2
Week 4 Unofficial Champion: Psionic Aftermath took the title with a 6-1 (2 Week Reign and counting)

Thats right y'all. Psionic Aftermath are our current reigning unofficial champions. Will that be enough to get them through playoffs? Only time will tell. They play vs Taste The Bacon, who are eager to taste the unofficial championship belt (I assume).

Like it? Hate it? Seeing through the lies in this post and realizing that resistance is futile against LiT's upcoming run? Let me know.
Posted Oct 24, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 24, 18
LiT eSports
Enjoyed our matches with PsiX even though I got their clan tag wrong and thought it was Psi Storm. :p GGs dudes.
Posted Oct 26, 18