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Kamarill's Official™ Power Rankings - Season 20 Finale

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Team UnRivaled
As the final power rankings of the season, we'll take a look back at some players to watch, as well as talk about some other fun stuff!

1. 24852745-lit_esports_menunew.png LiT eSports
Last Week: 1
This Week: 1
Change: 0/

While LiT did lose 1-6, they also had nothing to play for except their pride, having already locked in first place. While I do feel LiT is a pretty prideful team, I don't think the loss to TeamUR will serve as anything more than a wake-up call. I still think LiT deserves to keep the #1 spot.

Anihalation went on to receive 3 more walkovers and lose the 2 games he did end up playing. Still, having a 5-2 record on walkovers alone says a lot about being consistent and showing up, as well as the benefits of having a gold player who actually plays (and also, says a decent bit about Group B).

2. 24852745-24852745-Psix.png Psionic Aftermath
Last Week: 3
This Week: 2
Change: -1

As the only team that won in my previous top 7, PsiX comfortably slides into the #2 slot with a decisive win and in victory over PiGPan. They earn a week off in playoffs for their trouble.

MISITIC ended up at 3-0 before getting banished promoted to Diamond 3.

3. 24852745-SC2swarm_menu_new.png SC2 Swarm
Last Week: 2
This Week: 3
Change: +1

SC2 Swarm entered Week 6 as a comfortable #1 seed in Group A, but back to back losses to PiGPan and FxB slid them down to the 3rd seed. They look to right the ship this week against the first team to ever beat them in ValidG.

JadedShard ended up undefeated with a 5-0 record.

4. 24852745-ValidityGaming_newmenu.png Validity Gaming
Last Week: 4
This Week: 4
Change: 0

Similarly to LiT, ValidG entered Week 7 with nothing to play for but pride, and like LiT, also ended up losing, albeit closer. Therefore, I don't think ValidG should move based on that loss.

Narloki ended the season with a 6-1 record, going 10-4 in maps, only losing in Week 7 to Sauce.

5. 24852745-UR_menu.png Team UnRivaled
Last Week: 5
This Week: 5
Change: 0

TeamUR was win and in to playoffs, and won. They finally return to playoffs after a long drought, and look forward to seeing if they can take that gold medal again.

Jjang got his first loss in Week 6 to Vedeynevin, but ended 5-1 with a 10-5 map score.

6. 24852745-menu_new.png Born Gosu
Last Week: 8
This Week: 6
Change: -2

Hey, what can I say? Playoffs make ranking teams easier: just put all n playoff teams in the top n spots. Born Gosu sort of snuck their way into playoffs, but it doesn't matter how you get to playoffs, it's what you do in playoffs that matters.

PsyRex ended up grabbing one more win to end at 3-0.

7. 24852745-24852745-TransparentFxB.png Formless Bearsloths
Last Week: 9
This Week: 7
Change: -2

Formless made one hell of a push, taking out both Swarm and TeamUR, but it was unfortunately not enough. They have a good chance at next season if they can keep up their performance from the past two weeks.

kccasey ended up losing his next two games after Week 3, to end at 2-2.

8. 24852745-24852745-Taste%2Bthe%2Bbacon.png Taste the Bacon
Last Week: 7
This Week: 8

PiGPan had their chance with the victory over Swarm in Week 6, but PsiX took them out of contention in Week 7. As one of the larger teams in CTL, and one that's always growing, they should have plenty of options for next season.

Syngularity also ended up losing his next two games to end at 2-2.

9. 24852745-AllinStandard_menunew.png All-Inspiration
Last Week: 6
This Week: 9
Change: +3

"Dlife hitting their final blow for the power rankings...I demand to be quoted" - Orion

Daily Life's 5-1 victory over All-In, along with Born Gosu's win, knocks All-In out of playoffs. They will again watch from the sidelines, after what was looking to be a promising playoff run.

Purge didn't play again, and ended at 3-0.

10. 24852745-Daily-Life-Transparent+copy.png Daily Life
Last Week: 11
This Week: 10
Change: -1

Honestly, Daily Life could've been 9 and All-In at 10, but it really isn't that large a distinction. Daily Life at least went out with a bang.

Ice finally got his 5 wins badge, going 5-2 in the season.

11. 24852745-GunsandRoacheslogo_std.png Guns and Roaches
Last Week: 12
This Week: 11
Change: -1

GnR got to beat up on JaMiT after not getting to play xRS. I think GnR is honestly better than their record might suggest, but at the same time, their record does place them here at #11.

SGTbunny ended up at 4-2 with some solid playtime.

12. 24852745-jamit_menu.png JaMiT Gaming
Last Week: 10
This Week: 12
Change: +2

JaMiT continues to slide all the way down as far as they can. Honestly not a lot to say. A fun team with a cool captain, but not one that looks to win a CTL season anytime soon.

rei was cursed by the Player to watch section, ending up at 2-5 after 4 straight losses.

13. 24852745-confednewmenu.png The Confederation
Last Week: 13
This Week: 13
Change: 0

What happens when the unwinning force meets the unresponding object?

Josh would end the season at 4-1.

14. 24852745-ReignSupremeLogo_menu.png Reign Supreme
Last Week: 14
This Week: 14
Change: 0

Who knows, because neither team sent in a match report.

Bojinkins ended at a perfectly even 6-6 map score.

With that out of the way, man, remember all star teams? CTL used to do these cool all star teams, and they were voted on by the community.

Well, fuck democracy:


Let me know what you think.

(No, I don't expect the all star match to get played, because even when it was an official thing, it never got played. But hey, it was fun to put together.)
Posted Oct 31, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 31, 18
Born Gosu
Former Admin
I still think it would be cool to do an all star tournament.. What would be even cooler would be doing something like, an all masters bo5, group A vs group B, another for diamonds, and another for plat/gold. Hopefully we can get more events like that (if people are interested) to get more people to play with each other rather than always against eachother
Posted Oct 31, 18