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Tech Tells All - Episode 1: Kamarill's Origin

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Tech Tells All
Tech Tells All will be an infrequent show that when it airs, will tell stories about things most people do not know. Since I have been around for a while and am basically the #1 detective since Sherlock Watson, I have unraveled many mysteries over the years. These mysteries I have kept to myself, until now. Everything found within these stories will be completely true and will not include false statements or even exaggerations of the truth. Other people may know these mysteries as well, but I guarantee each time it will be less than 7 people. No names will be changed and I will not ask permission from people before writing these. This will expose the truth and that is it. If you are out there hiding some major shit, do know I will find out about it, and I will tell everyone. You all will be exposed.

Episode 1: Kamarill's Origin
Ever notice how Kamarill completely refuses to tell people how he came up with his username? Ever notice how he engages in major fights and lies about it when people ask? Well today I am here to give out the truth. The truth about how Kamarill came to be...... Kamarill.

First off Kamarill grew up in rural Idaho, home of the baked potato. In his teens he took a job working for the Idaho Potato Museum as you can see in the picture below. Who is the other person standing next to him you may wonder bread? Well that is a topic for a future episode, and one that we just do not have time dive into today. We also found Kamarill's official work assigned hat which leads us to our first clue. This picture is also below for reference. We know it is his hat because I saw him wear it back on September 19th, 1998 at the Idaho Vandals football game when they lost to Washington State 16 to 24.

Soon after the football loss Cameron "Kamarill" Joe Thomas left Idaho in search of a more promising sporting team to cheer for. This brought him to Cleveland as he admired Lebron James and thought he gave the Cleveland Indians the best chance to win since Otto Graham. Cameron enjoyed many sportings until Mr. Lebron James left Cleveland to play for the Miami Hurricanes. Cameron, being a resident of Cleveland, was incredibly poor and was unable to leave town to find a better place to live. However, Cameron was very amendment that he would make it out of Cleveland, no matter what it would take. He eventually decided he would walk out of town and down south to a much better state, like North Dakota or something. There was one problem, Cameron did not enjoy walking. Proof of this is below.

Cameron "Kamarill" Joe Thomas knew that he would need to find some encouragement to walk out of Cleveland and turned to the new hit phone game, Pokemon Go Walk Out of Cleveland. Cameron learned to love CS:GO and it lead him to many new areas of Cleveland he had never visited before. Although the Browns stadium was still a factory of sadness; producing only Pidgeys. Other areas however were much more fruitful for him. One day he took a walk down a dark alley in search of a very special Pokemon, that would change his life for ever.

That Pokemon? Graveler.

Cameron took the journey to capture the illustrious Graveler but h is journey would end much earlier than expected. As he had merely started walking down the dark and dreary dead end road he heard a voice coming from behind him. The voice froze him in his tracks. For the first time in his life since the Idaho Potato Museum incident of 1992 he knew he was in danger. He knew he might not make it out alive.

"Shorts are comfy and easy to wear!" The voice behind him bellowed out.

Cameron slowly turned around to see Bradley "Cruel" Grimley's unconscious body on the ground and what could only be described as a youngster wearing shorts behind him.

The youngster swiftly took all of Cameron "Kamarill" Joe Thomas usable Pokemon, and Cameron whited out.

Years later Cameron woke out of a coma in a strange hospital he had never seen before. The room smelt like cleaning supplies and sweat. He heard a scream as a lady was in pain in an adjacent room. Happy to be alive he looked around to try to figure out where he might be. He saw a calendar, it read August 14th, 2016. He got out of bed and walked to the window to get some fresh air. Although the window would not open, Cameron found himself stunned by the beautiful nature outside. There was bright green grass surrounding a fountain spitting the cleanest, bluest water he had ever seen. He thought about how nice it would be to be outside but he had no idea what had happened over the past several years and was scared about how he would continue living. Just as his worries started to overtake his mind, a majestic creature peaked its head out from behind the fountain. It looked up to make eye contact with Cameron, and then slowly revealed itself for the hospital man to see. This was the most beautiful creature in the world. Below is a recreation of what Cameron saw, not the actual creature. In fact it is not the most beautiful creature in the world, it is just a tribute.

Somehow seeing the Marill put Cameron at ease. It was at this time Nurse Jenny walked into the room and saw Cameron awake. She let out a gasp and quickly left the room. Moments later she returned with FBI agents T.B. Ham and Edennil Spreadsheets. They explained to him that he saw robbed by a member of their most wanted list named, Shorts Kid. They explained that he was stabbed multiple times and the medical professionals put him into a coma to keep him alive until medical treatment advanced enough for him to be brought out of it. They explained that Shorts Kid was still at large and he was transported to Kentucky for his safety because, "Literally no one would bother looking in Kentucky." He was asked to pick a new name to go by so he could not be tracked down. Cameron Joe Thomas could no longer be his name.

He thought for a while and finally came up with what he wanted to be called. "Cam!" Cameron shouted with glee. Although frustrated that it obviously a dumb choice, the officer did recognize that he did just come out of a coma and probably was slightly uneducated before entering it anyway (he lived in Cleveland). The two talked for a bit and eventually decided on Kamarill. This was Kam spelled differently to throw off anyone looking for him combined with Marill which for a brief second, made him feel safe. Marrill would never be seen again, but Kamarill was born as we know him today.

Website: https://goo.gl/qSbafq
Discord: https://goo.gl/6NxGoZ
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Daily Life eSports
shorts kid is just a front made so that T.B Ham can get away with banning people while still being in the FBI
Posted Jan 13, 19