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Question of The Week: What's your favorite / Least Favorite April Fool's Joke?

2 replies
Now that April Fool's has passed, what has been your favorite April Fool's joke you've seen? What about your least favorite? Or maybe just an idea you've had but never actually been able to do?
Posted Apr 2, 19 · OP
LiT eSports
Former Admin
My favorite April Fool's joke in Validity Gaming. I am writing this of my own will and not bing forced by Orion to do anything. The sheer creativity of Rhinos and Validity Gaming was enough to make my day and make me chuckle every time I found another rhino in their discord server. Alas, all good things come to an end and Rhino Gaming had to return to their boring, monotonous Red logo.

My least favorite April Fool's joke was the announcement of Kamarill Star League Season 4: Beach House Party Edition.
Posted Apr 2, 19
Top two favorite April fools gags were all inspiration related.

#1 was when our then general manager, Henry, sent every member an email disguised to look like it came from Blizzard saying their account has been opted into SC2 HotS beta. All day long as members checked their emails they were bragging that they got into the beta while everyone else played along. No one would realize it was a prank until logging onto the blizzard app and not seeing the game.

#2 was last years McDonalds sponsoring Allin. We had some graphics made up and changed everyone's names to be McDonalds products.

My least favorite april fools was Kam announcing KSL Season 4.
Posted Apr 2, 19