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Rule 3.2.3

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Formless Bearsloths
Rule 4.2.2 seems to reference a rule that does not exist.

"4.2.2 If a set isn't played for whatever reason except the one listed in 3.2.3, the set result is registered as 0-0, and both teams get a set loss. Each weekly match-up must have at least 1/2 (rounded up) of the sets played in order to be valid. If a match has less than 1/2 (rounded up) of sets played, both teams get a match loss, pending admin approval. Any sets played will be taken into account for overall standing map score."

Can't say for sure, but this is likely either the result of changes over time to the rules document, or it is a typo and is supposed to reference the next rule 4.2.3
Posted Sat at 10:41 pm · OP
SC2 Swarm
Former Admin
It's a typo and meant to refer to 4.2.3
Posted Mon at 05:59 am