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Former Admin
Welcome to the the 'Promotions Archive' where we will keep track of all our current and former chobo's ranks throughout the season! The initial record keeping didn't start into a few weeks into season 2 so records may be out of order.

1. If you did not tell me about your promotion, please do so with an included date of when it happened.
2. I will be deleting the messages on here telling me about your promotions after I catalog them. This is merely for housekeeping purposes, so please don't be upset.
3. You may either post your promotion here or message @LVMatterhorn in order to have your promotion recorded.
4. This archive is to celebrate our accomplishments within the league, not to point out where people may have fallen off in talent. as such, I will not be including demotions, only positive thoughts please. :d

Spoiler: Season 1 and Off-seasonShow

Season 2 and Off-season
Spoiler: SpoilerShow

Season 3
Spoiler: SpoilerShow

Season 4

Crichton promoted to Gold (Kessel)
sarcahsm promoted to Silver (CGC)
IMvO promoted to Silver (CGC)
FireStorm promoted to Gold (CGC)
Deadbeat promoted to Gold (CGC)
SVP.Danimal promoted to Gold (CTL 6)
Fish promoted to Silver (GnR)
AahZ promoted to Silver (CTL 6)
Trumpetarn promoted to Silver (GnR)
QBall12 promoted to Gold (GnR)
CornMuscles promoted to Plat (Composite)
Salmonman promoted to Gold (CGC)
Prohibited promoted to diamond! (Composite)
BiLaL promoted to Silver (CT6)
Posted Aug 8, 12 · OP · Last edited Aug 14, 13
I Ended as Silver for Season 4 right now I am putting a hold on my laddering so that I can get my needed practice in before I begin laddering again. I just figured I would let you know so that when you see that I am not ranked anything as of right now for this new season you know why lol. I plan on training for a few weeks maybe a month not sure, but after training I plan on being Gold or higher. I will send you conformation of advancement or demotion asap
Posted Aug 29, 13
I was promoted yesterday to silver :d no more bronze league heroes
Posted Aug 31, 13
I have a question- I started this season in Gold (same as I ended last one), but I moved up into plat. Which league will I compete in for the league?
Posted Aug 31, 13
TFresh x
Banned users
Since the season hasnt begun you should contact your captain and get switched to the plat level.
Posted Aug 31, 13
Formless Bearsloths
Former Admin
Season 5 hasn't started. Plat.

Regardless, that would be a question for this thread.
Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
Posted Aug 31, 13
Shouldn't Matgopack be in Gold for CTL? It's based on the rank he was at the end of the past ladder season, which was gold.
Posted Aug 31, 13
Former Admin
We just update stuff as you tell us... so yeah if we need to switch you back and forth a bit we expect it to an extent. Just PM the admins and it'll get fixed.
Posted Aug 31, 13
Just got promoted to silver!
Hula Hula Hula
Posted Sep 4, 13
just got premoted to diamond :d oh yea
Posted Sep 11, 13
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