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CTL Bylaws

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Team UnRivaled
Former Admin
By DonJimbo

*The Chobo Team League (“CTL”) exists to provide a collaborative and competitive environment for amateur players of StarCraft 2 (including its expansions). League administrators have broad discretion to determine the details of how to promote this objective.

1. Admins

1. CTL shall have Administrators (“Admins”) responsible for determining and executing CTL policies and procedures. The Admins make decisions by majority vote unless otherwise noted in CTL Bylaws

2. Admins are responsible for accepting/rejecting player applications to join CTL on the forum for all teams and free agents. Admins must ensure that any application submitted before 11:59:59pm Pacific Time Friday is processed before the next lineup submission deadline. Applications submitted after the aforementioned time will not be processed until the next CTL Week. If a valid application is submitted before the aforementioned time, and the admin team does not accept the application before the lineup deadline, the player will still be eligible for the given week. Note that applications that are incomplete, do not meet eligibility requirements, or are otherwise not valid at the aforementioned time will remain ineligible.

3. There shall be 5 admins. Together, they form the Admin Team. This Admin Team will be responsible for running and maintaining the league’s operation and integrity season to season.

4. Any Admin may resign at any time. They may also be removed by a vote of no confidence.

5. A vote of no confidence may be initiated by any Admin by nominating another Admin for removal. The nominated Admin will not be allowed to vote. The vote is successful if at least 70% of the other Admins vote for removal. No such vote shall take place until all Admins have been given at least 72 hours notice of the vote of no confidence. The Admins may decide to announce an election for a temporary replacement Admin to replace an Admin removed by a vote of no confidence.

5.1 Captains may also initiate a vote of no confidence on any admin. The captain will submit their request to any or all other admins. Though not required, the captain should be prepared to list any and all reasons they wish to initiate this vote. The nominated admin will be given 24 hours to respond to the vote of no confidence with their own defense. After this 24 hour period, the admin team will open a voting thread for the current captains, including the grievances brought forth by the captain initiating the vote and the defenses made by the nominated admin. The captain initiating the vote of no confidence should remain anonymous to the league and to the nominated admin.

The Admins not nominated and Captains will have 48 hours to discuss, consider, and vote for or against the removal of the nominated admin. The vote will pass if a super-majority is reached (2/3rds the voting members). Abstentions will be considered a non-vote and will not be included in the total needed for this super majority. Any non-response will also be considered a non-vote.

5.1.1 If the captains unanimously vote to remove the admin, the vote will pass regardless of the votes of the admins not nominated. Abstention or non-responses will nullify unanimity.

6.0 Elections occur within two weeks of June 1st every year, and at any other point when an admin position is open. Nominations to fill an open position shall be conducted via a public thread on the league’s website. Each election will have one week for members of the league to nominate candidates. In order for a nomination to be valid, the nomination must be seconded by another member and accepted by the nominee.

6.1.1- Candidates are not able to nominate themselves.
-Candidates need at least one nomination from a member of another team.
-There shall be no more than 2 Admins from 1 team at any time.
-Admins removed from power by vote of no confidence or from stepping down may not rerun as an admin for 2 months after being removed from power

6.1 Voting occurs after the one week nomination period. Voting will be conducted either on or off site in a manner that best suits the election and will run for one week. Voting will be done by a standard ranked voting system except in cases where only two nominees are running against each other; in which case a simple majority poll will be used. Votes will be counted by an individual not seeking election. Raw votes will become public information after the count has concluded but will remain anonymous. The public may request a recount if errors are found in the counting process. The CTL Senate will decide if a recount is needed and run said recount if deemed necessary.

7. The Admins are permitted to play for league teams. However, they are not permitted to be team captain or assistant captain of any league team.

8. Admins shall recuse themselves from the resolution of disputes involving their teams. For example, Admin X playing for Team Y may not vote on the resolution of a smurfing accusation against a player on Team Y.

8a. If for any reason a vote pertaining to a dispute between two teams cannot be resolved by a majority vote of the admins, the vote shall move on to the league captains for review and resolution. Captains of teams not involved in the dispute will receive a single vote. This vote must come from the captain of the team. While input from assistants or the team at large can be taken into the captain's consideration, only the captain's vote will be counted.

8b. If a Captain wishes to contest a decision, he may contact the admins and request a revote with the current captains receiving a vote. This request is limited to 24 hours after the Admin decision is announced. Teams involved will not receive a vote & a supermajority (2/3 voting members) must be reached to overturn the original ruling.

9. Admins may vote to remove any competing team after the conclusion of a season as they see fit. Reasons for removal can include but are not limited to: Consistent issues with walkovers against that team, multiple cheating instances, and/or multiple incidents of bad manner. In extreme cases, teams may be removed during a season for particularly egregious incidents of cheating or bad manner.

2. Captains

1. Each CTL team shall have a captain. The captain is responsible for selecting the lineup, communicating with league administration, scheduling practice, facilitating player development, and promoting a spirit of camaraderie. The captain may appoint subordinate officers such as assistant captains. While the total number of assistants is at the discretion of the captain, only two may be recognized as such on the CTL website. The captain may recruit new team members. The captain may remove members from the team for (i) inactivity, or (ii) cause. A player is inactive when he or she has not participated in team events or communicated with the team for more than 45 days. A player may be removed for cause when he or she harasses team members or fails to show up for more than one scheduled game in a season without notice. A player removed for cause may initiate a vote of no confidence, as described in subsection c, set forth in detail below.

2. if a team is formed by the league from free agents, the captain of the team will be elected by the team’s members. an election shall be held at the start of every ctl season. each ctl member on the active team roster for at least one season will receive one vote for the captain of their team. league admins have oversight over the election.

2.1 The captain may be removed at any time by a vote of no confidence. Any team member may initiate a vote of no confidence by making a post to that effect in the team forum. The captain will be removed if more than 50 percent of the team members on the active team roster vote for his or her removal. Team members who were removed from the team by the captain within the 30 days preceding the vote of no confidence may participate in the vote. New team members recruited within the 30 days preceding the vote of no confidence may not participate in the vote. If the captain is removed from their position, any team member may then make a post in the team forum initiating an election for a new captain. A captain who loses a vote of no confidence is still a member of the team and may vote in the election for a new captain.

3. Players

1. Team Membership
1.1 Players may only change their CTL team once in a season.
1.1.1 If a player changes teams, they are locked to that team until the offseason.
1.1.2 Players may not swap teams more than halfway through the regular season. Playoff weeks are not considered for this timetable. (IE: In a 7 week regular season, players may only move teams prior to the beginning of Week 4. If 8 weeks, prior to Week 5.)
1.2 In the event a team leaves the league or otherwise ceases competing, players from that team may join another participating team past the halfway mark of the season.
1.2.1 If one squad of a multiple squad team leaves the league or otherwise ceases competing, its players may not compete for any other squad of that team until the following season.

2. Account Verification and Identity
The player’s SC2 Name must match that of their public persona. Barcodes and other methods used to disguise or hide a player's identity will render a player ineligible to compete in the CTL.

5. Recruitment

1. Recruitment shall be conducted in accordance with guidelines developed by the Admins.

2. No player shall be recruited unless they have played at least 20 ranked ladder maps in the current ladder season. This rule will help ensure that new recruits are committed to the game and are placed into a league consistent with their skill level.

6. Revisions

These rules may be revised in the following manner:
A majority of the Admins may revise any rule not pertaining to the powers or election of Admins.
Admins may propose changes to rules relating to their powers or election. The Admins may accomplish such changes through a two step process. First, a majority of the Admins must approve the proposed changes. Second, the Admins must submit the proposal to league members by making a post with a poll on the league webpage. The poll shall remain open for one week. The proposal passes if it is approved by a majority of the league members who participate in the vote.

source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WfxcUgCMMqheOe4Hd6lAUhlY-6jqkZyD3NVyj3bnOYM/edit#

Latest Revision: 5/7/18: By-Law 6: Two week window around June 1st rather than only June 1st
Posted May 29, 13 · OP · Last edited May 7, 18
JaM iT Gaming
Former Admin
You guys need a fifth admin lol ;p
"Some people hate protoss because protoss is really really handsome."
Posted May 29, 13
Team UnRivaled
Former Admin
the fifth admin is coming soon
Posted May 29, 13 · OP
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Soon TM
Posted May 29, 13
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Posted May 30, 13
JaM iT Gaming
Former Admin
5 admins
democracy in decisions
no conflcit of interest
captains cant be admins (which is why I'm not one)
captains are elected by team
captain can be voted out of captainacy if hes a tosser
matches / current leagues work the same way as last season
No smurfs, no noobs (players with less than 20 games played on ladder ever)
"Some people hate protoss because protoss is really really handsome."
Posted May 30, 13