Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
This does not mean that friendly banter and occasional trash-talking is forbidden. There is a big line between harassment and fun.

There are also a number of Rules for Posting in our forums. Take the time to observe and learn them. There are way too many to recite here, but the following are a few important examples:

- No Racism
- Religion and Politics are generally a nono area of discussion.
- No Homophobic comments
- Sexist remarks of any kind whatsoever will be dealt with especially harshly. Yeah, we have female members and we sure as hell would like to keep them!
- Use of the word "rape" is not allowed
- Do not post in all-caps
- Post your topics in the appropriate forum. We have separate forums for a reason. Use your head and post under the forum that's most relevant.
- Do not spoil without a spoiler warning
- Be very careful about resuscitating old threads. Sometimes it's ok, but sometimes it's not.
- Any form of spamming is forbidden
- Do not post about illegal stuff (CD keys, Serialz, Warz, Copyrighted materials ECT)
- English is the official language of the CTL, posting threads in any other language is forbidden
- Saying "Kappa" does not suddenly absolve you of the content of your post if that post is rude


Read these Commandments. Pleading ignorance will not get you anywhere.


It's a fun site with fun people. Have fun with it. Enjoy it. Make others happy. Be happy. Avoid being negative. We don't expect you to be Pollyanna, but users who are consistently negative will draw the ire of their peers and site staff alike. No one likes people who have nothing but bad things to say all the time. Heed the admonition of Oscar Wilde: some people bring happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go.


This means you don't use clones or aliases or any other form of obfuscation of identity (other than the ID you first signed on with). Try any skullduggery with your ID and you get an automatic ban.

Also, don't use IDs containing weird characters, symbols, smiley faces, geometric shapes or any combination of the same. The general rule of thumb if we can't pronounce it, it ain't a proper ID.

In limited circumstances we do allow users to change their IDs later on, but we generally discourage it. It's all about respecting your own name. If you have a legitimate reason for changing IDs (for example, you need to change your clan tag), let us know so that we can approve it.

5. Discord Moderation

Breaking guidelines within Discord can result in a number of punishments, left to the discretion of the admins. Warnings for behavior are not required but may be given.

Members egregiously or consistently breaking these guidelines can be muted on an incremental scale. These mutes can come with or without a site warning point to the possible detriment of CTL player eligibility.

  • 1st Mute: 2 hours
  • 2nd Mute: 4 hours
  • 3rd Mute: 12 hours
  • 4th Mute: 24 hours
  • 5th Mute: 48 hours

Members muted on a consistent basis may also be banned from the server at an admin's discretion. These bans may be formally contested through contact with all admins on the CTL site. It is recommended the captain be involved as well.

Additionally, some words will be automatically deleted by one of our bots. Deleted messages are logged and multiple uses of these words, deleted by a bot or not, is actionable as well. Attempting to "get around" this censor through intentional misspellings or image posts can receive warnings/mutes.

The #general chat channel is the most public-facing channel of the CTL, and as such, will be moderated more heavily than other channels. Words and images that do not appear on the automatic censor list but are contextually offensive may be removed at an admin's discretion.
Spoiler: Blanket Censored WordsShow

A comment about your country of origin. It's all up to you what country you decide to put in your profile but, why the heck would you want to lie about the country you're from? We've had members think it's "funny" to put "Afghanistan" in their profile for the heck of it. Some even put down nothing. Maybe it may seem cool or different to some. But, to us it's really the farthest thing from "cool" and it's different in the most negative way possible. If you don't respect your own name and where you are from (or where you happen to be), why should anyone else?

All just common sense.

Finally, Just so everyone knows, this is not necessarily all of the rules for the site, just a gigantic post on the majority of them. As admins, we trust each other's judgement when moderating the forums, so if one of us tells you to watch your mouth, just do it instead of whining to the rest of us. Once again, this is simply a written example of the rules of the forums, exceptions can be made to be more lenient or harsh depending on the situation. All we want is to keep the forums clean, fun, and friendly, so try and help us accomplish this goal.

Welcome to the site, and GL HF

- The admin team