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Season 21 Format and Schedule

By Colttarren - Posted Jan 31, 19

Hello everyone, and welcome to Season 21 of the Chobo Team League! 

With our new season, comes a new format due to the uneven number of teams. Group A will have two teams not playing each week, while Group B will play a standard round robin with each team having one bye week.

Here's a reminder of what our groups look like:
Group A:
- Team UR
- Jam iT Gaming
- LiT eSports
- Cutie Patootie
- Taste The Bacon
- Alpha X Esports

Group B:
- ScSwarm
- Daily Life
- Formless Bearsloths
- Guns and Roaches
- All-Inspiration
- Born Gosu
- Validity Gaming

And now, our schedule for Season 21:
Group A:
Group B: 

Thanks for reading, and good luck this season! Lineups for week one will be posted Sunday Night / Early Monday US time depending on when they are all received.

Please also enjoy this hype video made by the lovely KingSauce of Born Gosu and get excited for this season!
Click me for hype!

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