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Season 21, Week 5 Results

By Edennil - Posted Mar 11, 19

With only 2 weeks left in the regular season, we are seeing some teams secure their playoff positions and a lot of closely contested spots.

Group A

- Cutie Patootie had their first loss of the season, losing 3-4 to LiT. It was a close week and both teams are looking for a playoff spot with their 2-1 record.
- Team UnRivaled won over JaM iT. It was a closer week (4-3) than you might expect from the team that hasn't lost playing against the team that hasn't won yet this season.

So what does that mean for playoffs?
- TeamUR will go through to the playoffs with the remaining 2 spots are up for grabs.
- Cutie Patootie and LiT eSports having a slight edge over the other teams, but it's still very much up in the air as to which teams will make it through.
- JaM iT is out of the running for playoffs this season, but their remaining match vs Taste The Bacon could impact on who makes it through from Group A.

Group B

- Daily Life wins 4-3 over Guns and Roaches. You know how we always meme about dLife doing well at the beginning of the season and then tanking? Well, this might be the season that meme becomes false. This win puts them in a really good position in their group.

- ScSwarm took the win over All-In. ScSwarm started the season with 2 losses and has turned it around with 2 wins, while All-In has done the opposite - started with 2 wins and then had 2 losses in a row.
-  Born Gosu secured a win over Validity Gaming. This puts BG in a solid spot among the top of the group and pushes ValidG down near the bottom of the group.

So what does this mean for the playoffs?
- FxB, dLife, and Born Gosu have a slight edge with a 3-1 record, but Sc2Swarm and All-In are still in the running. These next 2 weeks are going to be critical for any of these 5 teams to make it to the playoffs.
- Winning the next 2 weeks should secure a spot for any of the top 5 teams, while a loss for All-In/ScSwarm or 2 losses for FxB/dLife/BG means playoffs is very unlikely but still possible.
- ValidG and GnR are out of the running for playoffs this season, but both their remaining weeks will have a big impact on who makes it out of Group B.

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